Hi, my name is Surai and I’m a web developer.

What I do

I provide professional server development, custom scripting, modification and extension of open source platforms. I work mainly with companies in need of a capable and talented developer with a very wide sets of skills.
I’m not a designer but I’ve a lot of experience both with server and client side scripting and a number of languages. For a detailed list please visit my skills page.

Feel free to ask

Sometimes it’s easier to just have a talk.
Contact me anytime for info, a quote, consulting or even a simple question using the contact form or by writing me directly at ssururai . didirorosa @ ggmamail..ccomom. I will reply as soon as possibile.

Need a hand?

I look forward to work with new clients and companies, as long as what I’ve to do is challenging and adeguate to my skill level. I’m available for partnerships, contracts, occasional jobs and freelancing. It doesn’t really matter how small or big the problem is, I’m always happy to help and provide my services. More info on my recruitment page.